Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Song Of The Day: Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)

Niki & The Dove is the project of a Swedish duo featuring vocalist and songwriter Malin Dahlström. The group released their first single in August, 2010, and have had several releases since including their most popular, "Mother Protect." This particular remix, comes from Josh Legg, the Los Angeles based producer and DJ, also known as Goldroom. Formerly of the synthpop trio NightWaves, Legg has ventured out, exploring dance music from a different angle, and drawing more influence from a wider range of artists. I first heard Goldroom's remix of Gigamesh's track "Red Light," as the opening of The Magician's monthly Magic Tape Sixteen, and the remix of Mother Protect was featured in this month's Magic Tape as well (maybe we'll see a collaboration between these two artists somewhere down the line), though Goldroom has many great original tracks, in addition to the many remixes he's already done. Enjoy!

Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)
Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

*Image Courtesy of Sub Pop / Mercury Records

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