Monday, July 26, 2010

Tragedy at the Love Parade

Yesterday, the Love Parade, perhaps the world's most illustrious electronic dance music festival, known for celebrating peace and love, became the scene of a tragedy. Nineteen people were killed, and 342 injured during a stampede which occurred in a tunnel that was the only entry-way for an estimated 1.4 million people who would attend the event. While the cause of the stampede is seemingly unknown, blame is already being placed on the city officials, who had planned only one entrance to this year's event. It seems that the sheer amount of people drawn to this event was greatly underestimated by the those officials, and festival planners, and with horrendous consequence.

The Love Parade, which began in West Berlin, Germany in 1989 originally as a political demonstration for peace and international understanding through love and music, had been held annually in Germany's capital until 2003. Since it's inception, the Love Parade has become an international spectacle, drawing hundreds of thousands to Berlin, and later other German cities, to celebrate life, love, and EDM. In an attempt to prevent further panic, the event was allowed to go on in spite of the incident, however it is not known whether the festival will continue after this year.

It is my hope, that in spite of this tragedy events like this will not be discouraged in the future, but rather more emphasis will be put on accommodating the many, many people whose sole desire is to celebrate peace, love, and music. On that I will leave you with a reminder of how great the Love Parade has been as a tribute to what may be its final year.

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