Monday, March 28, 2011

Song Of The Day: Zedd - The Legend Of Zelda (Original Mix)

If there is one thing I've though since listening to the break at 1:12 in Wolfgang Gartner's 'Space Junk,' it's that Electro should dip more into the limitless resource that is Video Game music for source material. I do not mean that this should replace original composition, on the contrary. I would not want to see Electro-House as a genre go the same route of the action movie which is now in the business of raping unoriginal source material, like superhero comic books, to the point that all we have no are 3 different, lousy Wolverine movies, and a shitty Green Lantern movie that everyone is guaranteed to be disappointed with. What I mean, is that from time to time, they bring us something like this:

German Producer, Zedd, has turned this childhood favorite into a ridiculous electro club banger. Zedd has pumped out many fantastic remixes, notably some for Skrillex and B.o.B.

You can find the original track, as well as the Electrixx Remix (found below) both available for download here.

*Photo Courtesy of Bazooka Records

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