Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Song Of The Day: Will Albeck - Optimus' Crime

I stumbled across this track in my library from over a year ago, it was one of the first songs I put together after getting my MPC, first full version of Ableton Live, and having a considerable amount of free time. Of all the hours I spent in front of that computer, eventually things got busier, and I only managed to convert a few of those Live Sessions into tracks, and of all of those, this is probably one I am still the most pleased with. My heaviest influences at the time were Bonobo, and Pretty Lights, though I was also listening to a lot of Simon Posford and MEGASOID. I was still very new to the equipment and software at the time, so I think this track is a good reflection of my experimenting with the different instruments and effects, as well as sampling of different drum loops.

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