Friday, November 2, 2012

Song Of The Day: Daphni - Ye Ye (Alternative Electronic)

Image Courtesy of Merge Records
Caribou's Dan Snaith is about as versatile a musician as they come. "Ye Ye" is a track off Jialong, released October 9th on Merge Records under Snaith's newest musical project Daphni. The new name lets the listener know to expect something different from his previous works, and on that promise Jialong delivers. All in all, the project combines Snaith's technical ability with some of the more root elements of dance music. Each track has its own distinctive feel, but the differences are subtle. In particular, "Ye Ye" with it's hypnotic melodies, repetitious vocals, and dark-driving bass get your head bobbing right from the start, and demonstrate why many have praised this work as Snaith's "antidote to bad EDM." You can check out the entire album here.

Daphni - Ye Ye

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