Monday, August 15, 2011

Song Of The Day: SBTRKT - Hold On

I will admit, I definitely missed the boat when it came to SBTRKT. I'd only just heard his 2010 debut Step In Shadows EP this past July, and squandered two opportunities to see him at Starscape and Camp Bisco X, but I won't waste the opportunity to share this. When walking by Sound Fix downstairs in my building I saw they had SBTRKT on a board for recent releases. I sprinted upstairs, and discovered his new self-titled LP, released this past June.

SBTRKT, aka Aaron Jerome, continues his collaboration with singer Sampha on several tracks, as well as other vocalists, including Jessie Ware, Little Dragon and Roses Gabor. The influences are varied, from Dubstep, to R&B, to various African/Brazilian rhythms, but the result is quite remarkable. This is easily one of my favorite releases so check it out.

SBTRKT - Hold On (feat. Sampha)

Also check out some of these other great tracks from SBTRKT:

SBTRKT - Trials of the Past (feat. Sampha)

SBTRKT - Right Thing to Do (feat. Jessie Ware)

SBTRKT - Something Goes RIght (feat. Sampha)

*Image Courtesy of Young Turks Records

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