Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Song Of The Day: Emancipator - When I Go (Michal Menert Remix)

My apologies, as my music player/cloud website appears to be having technical difficulties, so I will posting all songs on YouTube until I find a solution.

Today's entry comes from Michal Menert, straight off of Emancipator's new album Remixes, released yesterday, June 21st, 2011. The album consists of numerous remixes of tracks from Emancipator's 2010 release, Safe In The Steep Cliffs, by artists such as Big Gigantic, Blockhead, Michal Menert, Ooah of the Glitch Mob, and Emancipator, aka Douglas Appling, himself.

Many have noted that Michal Menert's sound is similar to earlier releases from Pretty Lights, while it is tough to not draw comparisons between the two as Michal Menert is now on the PrettyLightsMusic label, Menert co-produced Pretty Lights' first EP Taking Up Your Precious Time. Michal Menert's style has remained true to the original, drawing influences from funk, psychedelic rock, blues and hip-hop, and relying heavily on his own instrumentation and sampling, it continues to grow around itself while remaining on the same course.

This track, and the whole album are available here.

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