Saturday, September 25, 2010

Live @ Brooklyn Bowl (10/1/2010) - Eliot Lipp, Alex B & Ana Sia

The Pnuma Trio's own Alex B will be teaming up with Eliot Lipp, Ana Sia & DJ Morale next Friday, October 1st at Brooklyn Bowl.

When not performing as the bassist for Pnuma Trio, Alex B(eats) is a notable hip-hop, livetronica producer, whose sound more closely resembles artists like Two Fresh, than his afformentioned collaboration. Alex B just released his first full-length LP, "Moments," which is available for download here.

The impact of Eliot Lipp's early interest in hip-hop artists like the RZA, and Hieroglyphics is evident throughout his music. His style incorporates elements of hip-hop with early electro and 90's techno, that combined with his performance style, give his music more of an old school feel.

San Francisco native, Ana Sia's style combines glitch-hop, dub step, and her personalized "global slut psy-hop," into one high octane sonic blend. Of the three headliners, I'm easily the most excited to catch this set.

The show starts at 9:00PM, and tickets are available online, or at the door for $6, which is less than the price of just about anything you could do at Brooklyn Bowl that night.

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