Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Pretty Lights EP: Spilling Over Every Side

Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights can deliver. "Spilling Over Every Side" is his 2nd EP of 2010, and the 6th free release on his website, There are 6 songs in total, all of which are noticeably longer than in previous releases (5 of the 6 are upwards of 7 minutes). This length allows for a mixture of the styles Pretty Lights has become known for, thumbing electronic hip hop beats, distorted synths, and more organic jazz sampled lyrics and horns. Smith explains the emphasis on longer, genre bending tracks in that, "I guess, because thats what I want to hear... fresh, intricate, beats that attempt to communicate ideas or tell a story somehow."

What's more impressive about the EP, is that Smith released it in the midst of a busy summer tour. Look for Pretty Lights, now featuring live drummer Adam Deitch, Saturday, September 4th at Electric Zoo.

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